Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Letter Home From the MTC - May 29th, 2014

Dear Family,

It is day two for me here at the MTC.  Yesterday was great.  I have two companions instead of just one.  Hermana Cook, is from Sandy, and Hermana Kugath is from Rexburg.  They are both really friendly and sweet.  Both have amazing testimonies, big families, and kind personalities.

The food here is worse than at the main campus.  But by the time lunch or dinner comes around I'm so hungry so it tastes about as good as high school cafeteria food, which for me I kinda liked.

Yesterday they put all the Spanish sisters and elders in a fake(ish) investigators home and we were able to talk, ask, and bear testimony to them.

We don't get too much time to study our scriptures (at least not yet) which is a little frustrating because there's a lot of comfort in them that I need!  (Although starting tomorrow we will get an hour.  ;) )

Spanish class is really fun!  Each class is made up of one district.  Our district consists of my companionship and another companionship of Elders that's a trio.  I'm really grateful that I took that Spanish class at BYU!  As of right now I think I know the most Spanish in the class, but everyone else will catch up soon :).

As long as my visa comes I should be able to leave July 7!  I can't wait to get to Costa Rica!

My p-days are on Wednesday so you can expect a longer email from me then.  Can't wait for news from you all then.

Tomorrow we get to teach our first investigator . . . in Spanish!  Ahhh!  Both of my companions are already progressing so much in Spanish, though, and I'm learning a lot more too.  I was made senior companion of my trio, but that's just because my last name came first in the alphabet. :). I can feel love all around me here, and it's really nice.

That's all the time I have to write tonight, but I can't wait to get your emails on Wednesday!

Love, love, love you,
Hermana Bratt

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