Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 7!

Dear Everyone,

Upe, Buenas!  That's what everyone here says to announce themselves when they come to your door, rather than knocking on it.  Not that I'm at your front door, but hopefully you get the idea :)

How has everything been?  Thank you for all the love and emails I get each week.  I can feel your prayers everyday!

News for this week,  hmmm, well we have a new district leader, Elder Sub, now that Elder Sorensen has returned home, so it's been interesting to get to know him.  Elder Sub is from Guatemala and is pretty short, been out a year, and is very dedicated to the work.  We promised to buy us pizza if we found two new people and did twenty LPE's.  The second day of his challenge we found 5 new people!  So he gets to buy us pizza now :)  Sadly, the pizza here ALWAYS has ham on it.  It can have other things too, but it ALWAYS has ham on it.  I don't think a simple cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza exists.  

We visited Rosa a few times this week, but as a recent convert!!!  It was pretty exciting. Not many people showed up at her baptism, and she still doesn't know too many people at church, but we are working on fixing that.

This week we taught Raquel and Alejandro a bunch.  I found out their real ages.  21 and 35.  Raquel already has 4 kids and she's only two years older than me!  Alejandro and Raquel moved to Alejandro's brothers house, which is quite a bit better than their previous house.  We were able to teach Alejandro's brother and nephew as well, their whole family is just great.    However Satan always throws stones in our path.  Grrr.  Alejandro and Raquel aren't married yet, but when we talk about marriage to Raquel she says that she want's to get married but Alejandro doesn't, and when we talk about marriage to Alejandro he says he wants to get married, but Raquel doesn't.  Then when we talk about marriage with both of them present they both say they don't want to get married!  Raquel and her kids finally attended church!!!!!  Though Alejandro hasn't yet.  I only hope Raquel will return, because her kids were kinda crazy during the three hours and hard to handle.

The first part of this week we weren't able to teach very many people, but ThursdayFriday, and Saturday were great days!

My biggest miracle for the week was how we found the new investigators!  Early this week an 11 year old girl, Carolina, came up to us and started talking and asking questions about who we were and what we were doing in Turrialba.  We started chatting with her and she gave us the name of her aunt as a referral. n Well Thursday we contacted her aunts family and made an appointment for Friday at 5:30.  On Friday a lot of our plans fell through and so we didn't have any families to teach before Carolina's aunt.  Deciding to contact LPE's we called a woman, Marlen, that we had contacted about a month earlier and hadn't talked to since.  I called her and asked if she was home and if we could visit her.  She was very happy to hear from us and said that we had already contacted her sister, whom she'd given us as a referral a month prior.  We didn't remember contacting her sister, so were confused, but followed her directions to her house.  An d guess what!  Her house was next to the house of Carolina's aunt, and it turns out the Carolina's aunt is Marlen's sister!

In the end we were able to teach Marlen, who's having difficulties in her life.  The Spirit was so so so strong and powerful.  I felt so much love for Marlen, who a month earlier was an LPE that didn't seem too important to visit.  After we also were able to teach Marlen's sister, Maria and her husband Rolando.  Their lesson also was really good, and in one day we got five dates for baptism! 

On Friday I also felt really achy all day and had a temperature of 100.9 when I checked after I returned home.  But luckily I took medicine and on Saturday felt completely fine:) ---so don't worry mom!

Other news?  We have an investigator, Daniela, who is 14 and ready to be baptized this Saturday, but her Grandmother doesn't want her to be, so we aren't sure if she will be.  Her half sister is already a member, and she has a lot of friends in the church. We´re praying that her grandmother will change her mind!  

All's well here.  I'm doing great and, though I miss you all of course, am not suffering from home sickness, stress, or anxiety.  Life's great, I'm great, and I love the Gospel!!!!!!!!!!!

Pura Vida!!!
Hermana Bratt

Hna Munoz trying to cut the grass of Maria and Rolando...and failing

Me last p-day

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