Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Short, But Sweet Week!

Dear Family,

This week's email is going to be short, sorry!

Katalina was baptized Saturday, it was a great baptism service!  My companion and I sang "Nearer my God to Thee"  and we had members give talks.  Katalina was so happy, we really saw how the Gospel changed her life!

We just got back from making pizza at the branch president's house.  It was sure yummy, and mine was definitely the yummiest!

Saturday a recent convert of the Elders brought his mom and brother to the Church for a lesson.  His mom could be his girl-friend, she looks so young! (He's 29, she's 38).  It was a great lesson, they accepted a baptism date for the 13th of June.  

We've been teaching a family that were Jehovah's Witness, well at least were studying with that religion for years.  The dad, Ronald came to church Sunday and in gospel principles we shared stories of times that our prayers were answered.  One investigating couple shared how the father doesn't have work right now, but that they have been praying a lot and know that he will receive work soon.  Then, after the class, I saw Ronald talking to them and telling the father that he could work in construction under him.  That was their answer to their prayer!

A drawing I did for an Hermana in my region

Katalina's Baptism

Making Pizza

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