Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Second Week in the MTC

Dear Mom, (and everyone else :) )

Thank you for the package!  I don't really know where to start so sorry if this jumps around a lot!

Yesterday was devotional and Quentin L. Cook was the speaker! He was really good and left us with a blessing at the end that our family, friends, loved ones, etc would be blessed for our service, so that's you guys!

We now have three investigators to teach, though two are just my teachers that  pretend to be investigators.  Karina, our first investigator became our thrid teachers which was cool.  She's a native speaker so it's really helpful listening and being taught by here.  Not a lot of teachers here our natives :).  When we taught a lesson to one of our teachers "Alejandro" we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and he said he would, then when we went to give him it we realized we forgot ours!  That was awkward/super funny.  Hopefully that doesn't happen in Costa Rica, though it probably will.

We've started playing volley ball every other gym period with the rest of our zone, and guess what I discovered.  My eye's go wacky every time it comes towards me and it's really hard to hit it!!!  My eye's actually turn in a little morelately. I think it's because the days are so taxing! (Don't worry though mom, they might be taxing but they are also fulfilling.)

My companions and I are still getting along great.  Sometimes it's hard to concentrate because we enjoy each others company so much.  They are both super funny.  The language is really coming a long as well!  We have certain hours where we can only speak Spanish, and it's amazing how much we can actually say.

Has Hunter gotten his mission call yet?  An Elder in my district, Elder Rodriguez, had to lose 70 pounds before he could come.  That's cool that Br Collin's is tal's personal trainer.  Is he improving a lot?  I bet when I get back he will be a pro!

Any time you want to send a dearelder or a hand written letter do it!  It's much easier to write letters back than email.

Every week I see so many people I know!  There was a lady I met yesterday that's a branch presidents wife and  she met you at the home and garden show the day before mom!  I think here name was Sister Simmons, but not sure.  I tried to find grandma in the temple today, but couldn't :(  most of the sisters I talked to didn't know her.  What is liz larsen's finace's name?  I've been looking around for him but haven't seen him.

I'm sorry dad has been having such a hard time finding trees.  I pray for him every day!

To answer all moms questions: My outfits are one the most part really good.  There are a couple skirts that are a little short and I'm getting them altered, and some shirts that  are going to need to have undershirts with them.  I can buy some here at the book store, but wondered if you could send me a half tee ( or 2) the short sleeve white kind that we saw at missionary mall.  Sorry, I feel like in every letter I'm asking you to do something for me! I probably get like five letters/packages throughout the week so I'm feeling loved. My MTC teachers are GREAT.  They teach us so much and are so helpful in learning the language.  I haven't had to iron anything yet, which is nice.  As for my, yeah the SAS ones and the plastic black ones from Forever one are great, I wore the dance cos and tripped a couple times, then I got used to them, but they aren't the most comfortable.  Which is irritating, but I probably need to wear them more and mess around with the half soles and see if they work.  

I hope I see some pictures of Ammon's tour one of these days! ( and of course of all of you :) )

I can't believe Jackson is almost 5. He's getting so old.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I hope dad has something special planned for the best mother in the whole world!

Time is flying here, I can't believe it's already been 14 days since I last saw you.  Love you guys so much and thank you for all the letters, emails , and packages.  Grandma sent me one that was SOOOOOO CUTE.  Thank you grandma! (A picture of it is attached, or hopefully will be.  My computer is having a hard time and won't let me attache it, so we'll see.)

Te Amo!
Hermana Bratt

Here's the one of the package Grandma sent me.  It's so adorable!

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