Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week Three!

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for the emails, packages and letters I've received this week!  I got delicious cookies from the Warners, and have already worn the skirts you sent me mom :) Thank you Tal for the Awesome letter.  I can't wait to see pictures of the puppies!  I'd better get a lot. This week had a couple downs, but mostly ups!  

I saw Ellie on Thursday!  She was doing yard work and I got to give her a huge hug and talk to her for a bit.

On Saturday my companions and I left the MTC to go to an eye appointment.  The driver dropped us off at the wrong place so we had to walk a couple blocks to get to the eye office, but it was fun because people honked and waved at us, so it felt like we were real missionaries!

Sunday was father's day (I love you dad!) and so it was a little sad that I wasn't with you all, but we had Sheri Dew as our speaker for SundayDevotional, and she was great!  She talked a lot about Grace.

Monday two districts in our zone left on their missions.  It was kind of sad having them leave because we just got to know them, and both districts had some really great and fun people in them.  (Hermana Tidwell, was one of them that left.)  Now that they're gone it feels really empty in our zone because there's only my district and one other.  The other district is leaving on Monday and then it will only be my district for a couple days until we get newbies on Wednesday!

Tuesday Elder Ballard spoke at devotional!  It was super great.  He said that we need to treasure up the doctrine of Christ and "Learn it. Understand it. Live it. Love it. and Teach it."  as well as to always keep our eyes on the apostles and First Presidency because they "will not, and CANNOT lead you astray".  We also taught four lessons yesterday and in every single one we felt the spirit so strong.  It was a really great day.  We also were doing language study on the computers when two investigators that were trying to find their missionaries came in.  My companionship as well as the Elders in my district ended up giving them a lesson and we are going to start teaching them next week as a district...6 missionaries teaching 2 people.  We'll see how that goes.

Today at the Temple I saw Grandma because she was one of the greeters, but she also was in the Endowment session with me!  It was awesome! My companions think she is really cute, I do too of course!

I was sad to hear that you hit a pole mom, but glad you are okay!!  It sounds like you had a blast in Mexico!  To answer one of your questions mom, the only specific treat you could send me is more of that 70% Dark Chocolate.  mmmm, delicious.  Also I don't have a case for my scriptures, you could send me one if you want, or I could buy one here.  Did you ever take care of my byu library music book?  Thank you for all you do for me!  My Spanish is still improving daily.  I have really great Spanish teachers.  My Branch President, Brother Slingerland's, son is in our ward and evidently took piano with Ammon and Liz from Dr. Hatch.  I ran three miles yesterday during gym time, that's probably more than I've ever ran, so I'm pretty proud of myself :)

When do I get to hear about Ammon's adventure in New Zealand?  Does Tal still like his job?  My companion, Sister Cook, worked at Subway for 2 years.  She said she liked it which is good! Has dad found trees for the Temple yet?  I heard Liz and Brock are moving to San Diego, lucky!  

Today is day 22 in the MTC.  CRAZY.  I miss you all, but feel so much love here, and am having great experiences.  

Can't wait to hear from you!
-Hermana Bratt

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