Monday, July 28, 2014

Week Three in Costa Rica!

Dear Family,

I can´t believe it's already been a week since my last email!  Time is going by so fast.  Do you realize I only have 16 months left on my mission!? Because I sure don´t. Wow.

Last Monday our district leader had his birthday so we played games at the church, and then had a picnic with ice cream and cake.  Sadly the ice cream here isn't delicious like in Mexico, and the cake is really bland and frosting is always coolwhip, but I had a fun time.

Tuesday we went to one of our investigators houses whom I hadn't met yet, but when we asked for "Fernanda" the lady who answered the door said no one by that name lived there.  After we left my companion told me that the lady WAS Fernanda.  Then we went to a different investigator's house and the investigator said she didn't want to be taught anymore because she saw a member do something bad!

Wednesday  I got to go to San Jose to do fingerprints for my cedula, which is like a green card here, and so I got to see Hermana Cook and Kugath again!  It was really nice to see them again.  I love Hermana Munoz but it would be so awesome if I got to be companions with one or both of them again!  That same day I woke up with a sore throat and felt achy during the day, but I took a bunch of medicine, including Doterra Ongaurd, and it disappeared!  Rosa had her baptism interview as well on Wednesday and is going to be baptized this Saturday!  Yay!

Thursday we taught 5 new investigators, which was nice.  Gloria and Priscilla´s family are super nice and friendly.  I have my hopes for them, but my companion thinks they probably won't progress after a couple lessons.  I guess we'll see.

Friday our branch did a activity at the church.  It was SO HOT and I had to play soccer with the relief society and yw´s.  I was definitely a liability, everyone playing was better than me, but maybe by the end of my mission i'll be able to come home and actually be semi-decent.  The Elders had a baptism as well but we were ten minutes late getting to it and missed it!  The member that gave us tomatoe and mayo sandwiches also fixed our water, so now we have warm water for showers!!! It's sooooo nice :)

Saturday we took a bunch of old clothes to a new family that's moved here from Nicaragua.  Five of them live in a house that's smaller than my bedroom at home.   The only things they had in there house were three bunk beds and a chnage of clothes, and a couple pots.  Most of the people in Turrialba have pretty nice homes, not as nice as homes in the US, but pretty nice nevertheless.  Every so often though  there are families that are really poor.  I feel really greatful for the life I have had in the US!

On Sunday we had 155 people at church!!! Usually we only have around 120, so that was really really awesome!  We saw the family from Nicaragua in church as well, they looked really nice in their "new" clothes.  We also ate at an abuela's house, Odeli, she's 80 years old and just as cute, talkative, and gordita as one can be.  She fed us so much food though.  Everyone here feeds you plates full of rice!  I've only actually had bean twice so far.

Before I forget here´s my address finally!

Camilee Gean Bratt
Misión San Jóse Costa Rica
Apartado Postal  249-2010
San Jóse, Costa Rica

Thank you everyone who writes me email!  I´m sorry if I don´t always write back, but I do always read them and love them!    Spanish is coming along, I definitely see improvement and can usually communicate what I want to say, though some days all I do is sit silently and listen to people babbling in a foreign tongue!

Love you all!

Hermana Bratt
Estefani, the girl the Elders baptized

The Baptismal Font

Dead Lizards in our Light

Me Playing Soccer...well, sort of. 

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