Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 14

Dear Family,

This week we´ve been working hard to find new investigators, ones that live closer to the church.  In doing so we've seen a lot of miracles.  We  had 152 LPE's (Where we talk to people in the street and ask for a reference and ask if we can share a message with them) this week, more than I've ever had so far, but still so little!  I was a bit shocked by how many people invited us into there homes or said we could return and teach them.  This coming week our agendas are already filled with lessons for new investigators.  I'm praying that they will be in the houses when we visit them!

We are a little bit sad about Raquel and Alejandro. They've had a lot of problems and though they are progressing slowly, we aren't sure if we are going to need to drop them or not.  I was a little bit put down that we had spent so much time on them, had so many prayers, but they are still letting Satan win.  However, through them we have found a new investigator named Gretel.  Gretel is their sister in law and though we've only taught her for a week and a half is already living the Word of Wisdom, reading the Book of Mormon more than I do each day, and fasting.  We are planning her wedding for the 25th of October and her baptism the 26th.  All I can say is that Gretel was already prepared by the Lord before we met her.  In fact, her husband found a Book of Mormon on the bus one morning and she was already reading it before we meet her!  We've started teaching her husband as well, and when we asked Gretel what her feelings were about the Book of Mormon I was shocked by how powerful her testimony of it was.

Alejandro's baptism is scheduled for the 26th of October, but he and Raquel have separated.  I feel sorry for their children!  I only hope they are being taken after properly!  I know that Raquel doesn't have money.

Well this week my companion and I both had colds and my cold moved from my head to my throat.  After one day of teaching my voice was so hoarse I couldn't talk when we returned to the apartment.  Yesterday I could barely talk in the lessons.  I've been a little bit nervous depending on Hna Samayoa to teach most of the doctrines, as she's only been a member for three years and has so much enthusiasm to preach the gospel that sometimes gives too much information all at once, or throws in a fact that isn't quite true.  However, you can be sure that I've been praying a lot more for my companion, and i've seen how much it's helped.  She's already a great missionary, just needs a little polish which will come from studying and more practice in teaching.

This week we had division with the sister trainer leaders.  I wasn't the most pleased that we had to wake up at 3:30 two days in a row to travel to their area, however I learned sooooooo much so I can't complain :)  

I don't have much more time to write, we have to make invitations for Gretel's wedding! (She's getting married the 25th of this month and her baptism is scheduled for the 26th!)

Uncle Kirk is in my prayers!  As are all of you!  Specially Grandma!  I'm so glad we have the gospel and know that there is a life after this and that through the Atonement all of us can live with Heavenly Father and have perfect, sinless, bodies.

With a billion hugs,

Hermana Bratt

Me, Hna Samayoa, and Jazmin, a recent convert, eating lunch in Gretel's house!

Me with Tiff's Cousin

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