Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 16...I think.

Dear Family, how are you all?

Esta semana yo tuve mi segundo baptismo!  Estoy feliz que nuestro investigador fue baptizado, pero un otro investigador no pudia se baptizada porgue su hija estaba in el hospital.  Estabamos un poquito triste, nuestra investigador tambien, pero estamos planiando el bautismo por este domingo.

It takes me a while to write in español, so i'll finish my letter in English.  Also I know i make a thousand mistakes, I'm just glad most of you cant read Spanish!   This week  was a bit stressful because we were organizing the wedding of Gretel, but the ceremony turned out great.  There were a lot of people there, which we were worried about because the ward in Turrialba doesn't support  many activities on Saturday as a lot of the members live far away.  The wedding was scheduled for 5 o'clock but at the last minute Gretel realized she forgot her cedula and so she had to hurry back to her house, which is 10-15 minutes away by car.  However it all turned out okay, except for my nails that are a little too short from biting them...heh.  When Gretel and Juan, her husband entered the chapel I played "Here comes the bride"  I was nervous because i was playing it by ear, but I didn't mess up.  Phew.

While the wedding was great, we were all a little sad yesterday because Gretel's daughter was sick and had to go to the hospital.  Consequently, Gretel couldn't be baptized.  We were all bummed, including her, but the baptism is scheduled for next week.  On the other hand Alejandro was baptized yesterday!  Along with two investigators of the elders.  The baptism service was really nice.  We have to have the services after the block, otherwise members don't attend, so the elders filled up the font Saturday night after the wedding.  However, they still needed to fill it up a little Sunday morning and they gave some youth the job of doing it.  The young men forgot about the water and the baptism font overflowed during Sunday school and we all had to wait for about 10 minutes while they mopped up the water. I had to play all the hymns during the baptism, luckily I didn't mess up too bad!

This week I've been a little bit frustrated because some of our investigators make commitments but never keep them, but we are working with them.

My companion from what I can tell is doing great!  We get along together, but we also are learning things at the same time, such as patience, and selflessness.  We've started living celestial time, something I learned in the MTC.  Celestial time simply means that we try to be five minutes early to everything, including our studies, getting up in the morning, and going to sleep at night.  This week the lights have been off by 10:2510:27 instead of 10:3010:32.  We are trying to be exactly exactly obedient.

Sorry my email is a little short, you can blame it on mom since I am chatting with her!

Hermana Bratt

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  1. Thanks for what you are doing in my country. I really hope you be fine and i sent you a lot of blessings :)