Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First Week in Nicoya

Dear Family,

Well it's been a week of adjustments! I don't really know what to share, but here are a few tidbits about this week and my new area:

  • I saw monkeys!  I was running in the morning when I saw three or four small black monkeys in a tree.
  • President Wilkinson had to return to Utah for a few weeks to have a surgery so we have an ex-mission president from Guatemala, President Cordon here supervising us.  He came to our zone conference and taught a bunch of awesome things.  He told us that in the work of salvation we need to work first with our heart, then our mind, and then our feet.
  • There's only a branch here.  Sunday about 65 people attended church.  The branch president and his wife are really friendly but very strict as well.  The members were really welcoming :)
  • We had four baptisms scheduled for this Sunday but Ismael, the dad of the family started having doubts about the Book of Mormon and so never came to church.  He told us later he doesn't believe it's true from the research he's done.  He's trying to find evidence about the Book of Mormon from the Bible and maps, etc.  He doesn't understand that when trying to gain a testimony or answers to your prayers you can't search for evidence!!!
  • We found a family of a single mom, Carolina, and her 5 daughters Taina, Adriana, Kiara, Keren, Camilla, and a son, Jordon.  They are catholics and right now her daughters are taking classes to be confirmed in the Catholic Church, but we are hoping that after a few more visits they'll receive an answer that our church is true!!!! They are a super great family.
  • Our cook isn't a member, her names Marisol and lives next door to us.  Luckily she gives us less food and there is always salad on our plate :)
  • There's a blender in our apartment so I've been having fruit smoothies for breakfast.  Yay!  (Try a banana, a pear, two apples, and strawberry yogurt.  SO YUMMY)
Well love you all.  You are in my prayers!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALMAGE! I'm excited to start anew in Nicoya!

Hermana Bratt

Us With Our Cooks Family in Turrialba

Holding Parrots With Hermana Perez

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