Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another Week in Nicoya

Dear Family,
Well this week we've found a few promising investigators.  Two of which are Loura and Eliecer.  They are a coupe that have been together for 5 years.  I think I told you guys before about Loura, but this week we met her boyfriend.,  We tough he was going to be scary from wat Loura has told us, but is really great.  Loura wants to be married but Eliecer isn't sure yet.  He wants to come to curch next week to see if he will receive an answer from the Lord about whether he should marry her or not.  They accepted a baptism date for the 28th of March.
This week we fasted to know what are goal for baptisms is for the month of March.  Though we don't have anyone that is ready to be baptized our goal is 2 baptisms.  I know that we can acheive it if we work hard enough!
Yesterday we made pizza at a members house for Pday.  It was super yummy which was nice, because usally te pizza here isn-t that great.  Speaking of food...we at a less=active-s house and se gave us chocolate cake thhat she made.  Well the first couple mouthfuls were great...until I tasted something weird.  I flipped the cake over to see the bottom of it covered in mold!  I couldnt say anything though and so I scraped a little off and finished eating it.  I definitely havent wanted to return to eat anyting there!
Sorry this eamil is super short, I can-t tink of anyting else.  Love you all a bunch.  Send me pictures!
Hermana Bratt

A Book (that looks suspiciously like chocolate) that Grandma Sent me! 

Makin Pizza

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