Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coincidence? I Think Not!

Dear Family,

Well Saturday and Sunday we had district conference in guanacaste.  Over the past few months the missionaries and members her have been working really hard to grow the church, and guess what! We are going to be a stake!!!! YEAH! 

Elder Alonso, from the Seventy attended the conference.  His talks were great! Dad: He told the leaders"A great ward council lasts only 15 mins. A good one 30 mins. One ok is 1 hour and one that is horrible lasts 2 hours."

I don't have much time today, my email time is cut short because we are going to see "Meet the Mormons" as a zone because our baptism numbers were high.  But here are a few little miracles that happened:

Yesterday we were walking to an investigators house in the dark and I was sending a text message. I was paying good attention to where we were going and when we reached the street of the investigator we turned down it and after a bit passed a car.  The man in the car greeted us "Hermanas!"  He then introduced himself as a member of the church from another branch.  There were some other people on the other side of the car and he told us that they are his sister and her kids, all members of the church but inactive.  He kind of invited us to get to know her and help her be active again.  The hermana, Ana Yansi, was a little reserved but we are planning on visiting her today or tomorrow. Afterwards we continued walking down the road and not until he got to the end of the street did I realize it was the wrong one! If we hadn't walked down the street at exactly that time we never would have met them!  Coincidence?  I think not!

Katalina, our recent convert has had a lot of problems in her work.  She's been living in her employers house and watching her child and cleaning the house, but her employer is exploiting her and not wanting to pay her.  Also she found out the her baby has to have open heart surgery.  So she can't working at her employer´s house anymore.  She didn't know what she was going to do for a while and was really scared.  But the Relief Society president told Katalina that she can live with her and her family.  It was a huge blessing and act of service. They live a little far away though so we are going to have to travel in bus and loose half the day when we visit her.

Ah!!!!! No time! Love you all!  Have fun in Mexico for me!

Hermana Bratt

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