Tuesday, January 6, 2015

And A Happy New Year...

Dear Family,

Well, what to say. I'm a bit stumped today.  

For New Years we went to our cook's house and had a delicious barbecue dinner with out...dun dun dun...rice!!! It was like I was eating  Sunday dinner at home. Yum.  We also played a super awesome game called Onga Onga.  We'll have to play it when I get home!

This week I have been thinking a lot about the things I've learned in my 7 months as a missionary and how I have changed while being here. It's kind of amazing how many things can go unnoticed if we don't look for them. I was reading a talk from General Conference that talked about how we need to live up to our potential. There's a quote from Elder Carlos A. Godoy that says “if you continue to live as you are living, will the blessings promised in your patriarchal blessing be fulfilled?” When I read this I also thought about my setting apart blessing as a missionary, as I have a copy of it. I realized that there a few things I need to change or do better to achieve the amazing blessing I was promised!

Yesterday for P-day after changing up our desks and beds a bit in our apartment (Because after 6 months I'm a bit bored of it) we went to a members house and learned how to make pan casero which is like sweet bread.  It's pretty yummy.  Hopefully I'll remember how to make it when I return home!

We haven't had too much success this week in the work, but we have some possible new investigators that seem promising.  

Well, Sorry my email is so short, but I really can't think of anything else to say!

Can't wait to hear about Sebastian in the next week or so.  Send me photos! I'm still waiting on tal's bubble boys soccer games.

Les Quiero,

Hermana Bratt

A Drawing I did for Helaman's Birthday

Our New Year's Eve Dinner

My Pan!

Don't Worry They are Supposed to be Brown on the Top Like That

Me and My Comp...We're Twinners...Almost. 

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