Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Week of Frantic Searching!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well this week we found 15 new investigators.  It was a nice number, although I goal was to find 20. We also have 18 Investigators progressing, the goal for the mission is 25.  We are falling short, but just a few weeks ago we only had 4!
This we were searching and trying every means messasary to find people that could be baptized this month.  People that already have attended church.  Well it seemed that at every turn we found old investigators that could be baptized, but they didnt accept to be baptized.  Finally, Saturday night we had our final lesson for the day with an ex-investigator, Nidia.  Nidia was taaght the missionry lessons about 2 years ago, but then she moved to San Jose and the missionaries lost contact with her.  Last week we contacted her daughter-in-law in the street and Nidia walked in to our first lesson with her.
Well Saturday we started asking her questions and after teaching her a small prinicple that God is our loving Heavenly Father I asked her why she never had been baptized.  She told us that she didnt know, and so we asked her if she wanted to be baptized in a week. And her response was...YES!
We were pretty happy, however the storms not oever yet, because we have to help her preapre for baptism in only 5 days.  She doesnt remember too much about the missionry lessons, but shes really good and has a lot of faith in God.  Her husband has alzheimers.
Theres a rule that if an ex-investigator wants to be baptized they still have to attend church at least once while you were in the area.  Yesterday morning we passed by Nidias house to see if she was going to come to church, but she couldnt come because no one could watch her husband and he didn-t want to come to church.  We invited her to come for a least one ohour and she said she would try.
Well at 10 o clock she still hadnt shown up.  i sent her a message to see if she was going to arrive and after a few minutes she called us saying she would arrive in 5 minutes.  It turns out that she passed by at about 9:05 but the doors were closed!  Luckily, though she didnt make it to sacrament meeting she can still be baptized this Saturday.  PLEASE pray for her!  As well as Runia, and ex-inv.  that could be baptized as well, but is a little stubborn and doesnt want to accept a date.
We also had one other investigator in church, Katalina.  Katalina is the cousin of a member.  She is progressing a lot and tentatively accepted a baptism date for May 9th.  She has a lot of fear to change religions because she-s always been Catholic, but shes reading the Book fo Mormon and has found answers to her questions.
Friday  we had a Noche de Herrmanamiento, and played the orange game.  Our inv. and members loved it!
Sorry If Im missing punctuation, I cant find the apostraphy on this keyboard.
Talmage just sent me a few pictures,  WOW he looks really grown up.
Well, Im about out of time.  Love you all!  Dad I hope you and Spencer enjoy our free fishing trip!  Lucky Lucky Luvky.
Spiritual Hint:  If you want to feel the Spirit more, put more effort into your prayers!
Love you all!  Yes, mom I should be able to call home Mothers day....When is mothers day?

 ¡Hasta la proxima semaña!
Hermana Bratt

Paola and her kids,  an awesome investigator that had to move to Limon.

These giant ants were infesting our apartment!  
Luckily our neighbors/owner of the house came over with
ant poison. We are ant free finally!

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