Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Tough Week

Dear Family,
Well Tuesday I went to my first leadership meeting with all of the Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  They've got me pretty scared!  Luckily because I was new I didn't have to give an account of my area or the sisters I am over, but next month I will have to.  If my numbers aren't amazing, or the statisitcs of the sisters I'm over it's pretty shameful.  We are going to have to start working EVEN harder.
This conference weekend we did almost everything to help our investigators come to church, called them, passed for them, had members pass or call, we even made breakfast for Hermana Paola and her children so that she could get ready on time.  Well, only one persons came to church.  Danilo, who is an old investigator that a member invited.  That means the only person that came to church was a person that we didn't even talk too!  It's a little frustrating, because we've also been working with less actives/inactives and three of them came to church.  But it seems that our investigators just won't come.  The mayority of them say they will come to church and they are really positve about it, but they just don't show up. 
We have the goal of 4 baptisms this month, but investigators have to come to church three times before they can be baptized.  While we are still working towards our goal we don't have any possibilities right now.  Unless a new family that has come to church moves here we are kind of out of luck. 
Also, Paola is moving about 7 hours away!  We were pretty sad, bacuase she is progressing a lot, reaading the Book of Mormon, etc.  I don't think the new town she is going to live in has missionaries, but I'm going to check.
Okay, sorry if the last few paragraphs sound a little gray/ pessemistic.  Really, I know that the Lord can perform miracles.  My companion and I read an article in the Liahona for this month that has made us re analyze faith.  In it the writer said that "Faith is hope in a true principle"  Well, something like that.  In spanish it said "La fe es la esperanza en un principio verdadero".  For example, to say "I know the Lord can heal my arm" isn't faith rather faith is to say " I know that the Lord has the power to heal".   Really, you should just read the article! I don't remember what it's called though.  Sorry!  Look in the Liahona for this month.
And so, we have hope that the Lord can help us, will help us if we do our part. 
We've been teaching a new family Jesus and Carmen, that live on the same street as the branch president.  They look pretty promising. Jesus is really receptive of everything we say, but Carmen is a loittle bit tougher.

Well, today we went fishing!  However, no one caught anything.  The fish did keep on eating my shrimp though.  I was the only one that was getting any bites.  (Sorry if I sound boastful, but I am a fisherman's daughter!)  We did happen to see a bunch of iguanas and monkeys though.  They told us that the river we were fishing in has aligators in it.  But we fished on high river banks and so weren't close to the water. (AKA Don't worry mom) I'm getting pretty good at fishing with just a block of wood and a line!

Thank you all for every pray you say for me! I hope you enjoy Mexico and say hi to everyone for me!
Love love love you!
Hermana Bratt

Monkeys we woke from a nap

Me fishing

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