Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Miracles and Apostasy

Dear Family,
Well this week we focused sooo hard on helping Nidia to be baptized.  She was really excited at first and then she started making up excuses for why she couldn't see us and told us that she didn't feel prepared.  It was a little frustrating and sad.  However, we are picking ourselves up again and starting over. 
Now, ready for the miracle?  Our investigator Katalina is going to be baptized the 9th of May. I've aready told you a bit about her, but let me tell you her story: 
About a month ago we were walking down a street when I noticed a woman sitting in her house entrance holding a baby.  She smiled at us when we walked past , but we lept on walking.  we were searching for a house of a referral.  The referral wasn't home so when we returned down the street my companion and I both felt the impression to talk to the woman with the baby.  Well it turns out the Katalina told us that her cousin was a member and that he had told her that he was oging to send the elders over to talk to her about the gospel.  The next day we showed up unexpectedly!  To which I am very greatful, because if we hadn't shown up the elders would have taught her.  Not that it matters if the elders or the hermanas teach someone the gospel, but I feel that we were meant to teach her because we canr relate to her problems better than the elders.  She's really great.
Yesterday she came to church and told us that her daughter was sick and that she had a dream the night before of hands on her baby's head and asked if we gave prayers that way. And so...last night the elders passed her house to give her baby a blessing!  It's amazing the evidence you can see everyday of the existence of God.
We also had two other investigators come to church. One was Sigri who was a Jehovahs witness and when we teach her she talks sooo much and asks SO many questions, but she progressing little by little. The other investigator is Beatriz. Beatriz is an investigator we've been teaching for about a month as well.  She learns really really slowly.  One night she couldn't learn the word apostasy (apostasia) and so we all started saying the word together.  By the end we were chanting "Apostasia! Apostasia!"  (Yes, it was as bad as it sounds!) but gave my companion and I a good laugh afterwards.
What else...we had a multizone conference with President Wilkinson.  They made us breakfast and afterwards we capacitated us about how to plan and teach well.  It was amazing and I think we are now going to improve our teaching a ton.
Well I think that's it for now.  Love you all to the moon and back!
Hermana Bratt

Agiant iguana.  Really it was giant and
just chillin' in the park.  It was probably 5 feet long with it's tail.

Presidente Wilkinson's Birthday

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