Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm Alive!

Dear Everyone, but mainly Mom,

Don't worry!  I'm alive!  I'm sorry that I couldn't write to you on Monday.  Our P-day was changed toWednesday because we had the opportunity to go to the temple today. They told me I couldn't write you on Monday :( I have about five minutes to write you, so sorry for all the errors!

This week hasn't been as successful as the last, but at the moment we are planning the 5 baptism for the month of September.  Please pray for Dennis, Raquel, Alejandro, Daniela, and Jazmin.  They are all so wonderful, and want to be baptized, but I know Satan is going to try and throw something in their path He already has with Raquel and Alejandro, who may not be able to be married, and thus not baptized.  We are planning a wedding for them the 20th and their baptism the 21st! 

It was different going to the temple and having the endowment session be in spanish, but it was a cool experience!

That's so exciting about Brett!  Although accents from spain are really strange to me.  I've met quiet a few Spaniards?  (If that's the word)  here.

Miss you all so much!  I hope to send a much longer email next week.

Lot's of love

Hermana Bratt

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