Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 10!

Dear Familia,

Well, this week wasn't as productive as the last, but I've had great experiences nevertheless.   If only I can remember them...jaja (H's are silent in Spanish and J's make the sound of H's)

My companion and I forgot to pay the electrical bill, and then when we did we accidentally paid our neighbors bill, so we've been without electricity for two and a half weeks!  It's pretty terrible.  Our fridge doesn't work, and we don't have light, so when we get home at nine we have to plan and get ready for bed with flash lights.  Luckily I bought two, because my companion doesn't have one.  Since we don't have a way to store food that's perishable, every morning we go across the street to a panderia and buy bread or yogurt for breakfast, and then if we want a snack we eat cereal without milk, bread and butter, etc.  It's getting a little old now that we've done it for two weeks, but that's the life of a missionary I guess!  (Well the life of forgetful missionaries).

One of our investigators, Jazmin, is really showing promise, and is a miracle in the making. She is the next door neighbor of our cook, a less active member. She is going through a separation with her spouse, and one day came to eat lunch with us. we shared a simple lesson with her and things have escalated from there. She's already reading more chapters from the Book of Mormon than we assigned her and having family home evenings. I'm so excited for her! I know she's going to be baptized!

As for Raquel and Alejandro...I don't know where to start, or end.  We aren't sure what's going to happen, as Alejandro says Raquel doesn't want anything to do with God anymore and doesn't want her children to learn about Him.  However, we visited Raquel after Alejandro said this, and she invited us into her home, asked if we were going to share a message, and said she was going to come to church the next day, without us instigating anything.  Also Raquel and Alejandro are separated right now because Alejandro was falsely accused of abusing his children and as a result can't live with them.  There's also more things going on, and mostly we are just really confused.  However, as of right now Alejandro is going to be baptized the 21st of September.  We aren't sure about Raquel yet, but I believe she's going to be baptized as well.

Today is Independence day here!  There's a parade going on right now and almost all of the stores are closed.  We had to go to three different internet places before we found one that was open.  I was worried we wouldn't be able to write home today again!!

This week I've really noticed how many excuses  missionaries make.  It's actually a bit irritating that we, representatives of the Lord, don't take responsibility!  I've made a effort just simply take the blame, but sometimes it's hard!

It's still summer's always summer here, and I'm starting to miss the changes of seasons!  I was stung by an insect about three days ago.  I think it was a bee, but can't be certain, as I didn't see it.  However relax Mom!  I'm completely fine...other than a little swelling and a rash.  I had my epi-pen with me, and benadryl, but I've just been using Doterra oils.  I called the nurse as well.  So there's absolutely no reason to worry!

I haven't received any more letters or your packages :( but they usually come all at once as we have to wait for our Zone leaders to travel to San Jose and retrieve them each month.

Thank you for all the emails!  I love love love receiving them....and pictures.  Hint Hint.  I'm loving my mission, and can't believe it's almost been four months!

Les Quiero!

Hermana Bratt

The Flour Game

Me Eating a Chicken Foot

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