Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Week of Changes!

Dear Family,
So much has happened this week!  Wednesday I was saying my nightly prayers (it was 10:30) when the Asistants called me to tell me that my companion had transfers Friday but that I was going to train again and so we needed to be in San Jose at 12 pm the next day.  What followed was a quick clean up of the house as my companion packed.
We left early in the morning the next day and when we arrived at the mission office my companion went out on divisions as I sat in a meeting about training.  Afterwards The two other sisters that were going to train and I went out on divisions until seven pm.  I was with my trainer/first companion Hna Muñoz!  At 8:00 pm I lead all the new missionaries to the presidents house (a 20 min walk)  and might have gotten us all lost.  (What can I say, I've traveled to the president's house a lot, but it was dark!  Don't worry mom, I was only about three blocks south of where we needed to be.)
At 8:30 we arrived at the Presidents house, at a quick dinner and received our companions at 9 pm.  My new companion is Hermana Miriel.  She is from Mexico.  She's 19.  Her best friend is serving in Costa Rica as well.  Hna Miriel is really awesome.  I've already learned a bunch from her.
At 4:15 the next morning we woke up and got ready to go to a mission conference presided by Elder Maine. Afterwards we took the bus back to Nicoya.  We didn't get home until 10:30 Friday night. During the bus ride I started thinking of what we wcould do more in order to achieve our goal of 2 baptisms for this month.  We haven't had any inviestigators attend church lately and so none of our investigators can be baptized.  However, I ended up calling about half the members in our branch asking them to pray for us so that we can complete our goal.  One member even offered to fast for us!
Saturday we decided to contact an ex-investigator, a 20 year old named Jerson.  We started talking to him and he ended up telling us his story, that in Novemeber almost got baptized but then decided that he wasn't prepared.  My companion started talking about how we can feel prepared, how we can recognize answers, etc.  She was awesome.  We felt the Spirit so strongly and as we ended the lessons committed him to be baptized this Saturday!
Now....The sad thing is that we didn't come to church yesterday when he said he would, but he still had attened chruch more than 3 times so he can be baptized.  The happy thing is yesterday after church we went to find him and ended up talking to his dad, Jose.  Josè had has all of the missionary lessons and read  almost all of the book of Mormon.  He told us that he hasn't been baptized because he hasn't recieved an answer that he should yet.  I committed to prayer yesterday with the question "Heavenly Father, should I be baptized the 28th of March?" and then read a chapter from the Book of Mormon.  He said if he recieved an answer he could come home early from work Saturday to be baptized!!!!!!!  We have an appointment at 4 today to see what's happened.
Please please please please please please pray from Jose and Jerson!  I know that they can be baptized this Saturday!
Okay, last thing: They have split our zone into two zone and Sunday right before church our new zone leader called me it tell me that I'm the new sister training leader for the zone.  WHAT.   I was so surprised and didn't beleive him.  I had the sister training leaders of my old zone call him to make sure.  They called me back congratulating me.  AHHH!  I was hoping they would tell me it was a mistake.  I still really didn't beleive it, but the Asistants called me today in the morning to ask if I had any questions about my new assingment.  I can't beleive it!  When someones a new sister training leader she's usually with an old leader so that she can learn and they both or sister traingin leaders. I was just called out of the blue, and I've never been trained or anything.  Plus, I'm all alone and training a newbie.  AHHHHHH
Anyways, A lot of things have happened.  I need all the prayers possible!  And all the advice you have.
Well, this is my rant for this week.  Sorry the email is so long and wordy!  I'm kind of freaking out, but happy!
Love you all!
Hermana Bratt

Me and My Trainer!

Me With My Hija - and Elder Lopez, one of the Assistants, photo bombing

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