Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Week of Travels

Dear Family,

Well we didn't have much success in our area as we were gone from it a lot last week.  Wednesday we heard a general authority, Elder Alonso, speak.  I learned a lot of great things from him.  He also kind of hinted that he can see President Wilkinson as a general authority soon.  And it's true, President Wilkinson is so strong and firm in the gospel and a great leader.

Luckily when we returned to Nicoya we had seats this time.  I never again want to ride in a bus for 5 hours standing up in my life time.

Saturday and Sunday we had divisions with our sister-training leaders. I was with Hermana Corrales, who is from Costa Rica and has 17 months in the mission.  She is super great, and it was a great learning experience for me.

We still don't have any baptisms planned for this month, but today we are going to visit an ex-investigator of Hna Perez that gets along with me really well and we are going to try and commit her to baptism.  The ex-investigator is names Runia.  Evidently she had some problems with the missionary that was here before me.  But I've only talked with her 3 times and every time she wants to give me things/gifts.  I don't know why! Evidently she's never offered anything to Hna Perez and her other companion.

We've been trying to serve the members here a lot.  They are really great, but we are trying to win their confidence more.

While we were searching for a street contact-s house we found an ex-investigator, Karla.  She accepted a baptism date for April 11th.  And I think she's going to progress, which is great.

We have an investigator named Angie, and after we taught about the formation of the church while Christ was on the earth and the great apostasy we committed her to baptism.  She accepted, but said "I'll only be baptized April 11th if I know for certain that the person that is going to baptize me has the authority of God."  It was super awesome to hear her say that, because we could see that she understood the importance of the Priesthood, which so many of our investigators don't understand.

The branch president and his wife support us a lot, which is great!

Next week is transfers, and I'm pretty sure Hna Perez is going to leave, as she already has 4 transfers here.  We'll see what happens!

Love you all!  Les Quiero.

Hermana Bratt

A Ward Missionary Activity. We are playing the flour game! Runia is the one in pink.

Me and Hermana Corales

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